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Coming Home To Your Body


Psycho-education and practical tools to reframe and reclaim your mental health. Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. The goal of this course is to help you become more resourced in your nervous system, experience a wider range of emotional tolerance, and to have greater understanding of the connection between your thoughts and your body and your emotions. My intention here is support you in supporting your nervous system, your mindfulness practices, and your thought patterns to help you experience more inner calm and peace, in the next 30 days and in your life. This course has four weeks of modules to help you move towards a renewed Self. I am incorporating aspects of trauma-informed somatic therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I notice that people are very supported by a blend of DOING/LEARNING/MOVING/&BEING on their healing journeys. I have constructed this course to be a combination of these four approaches and it is my hope that it serves you well.




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