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The Stars


In my work as a therapist I bring an eclectic approach. I use a psychodynamic methodology incorporating aspects of yoga, mindfulness, breath awareness, art therapy, and somatic therapy. I operate from the philosophy of Depth Psychological Orientation: We are inherently whole. 

I believe everyone is born with all the tools and wisdom within them that they need. Therapy offers the opportunity to receive compassionate and clear reflection on you and your life. This kind of care and support allows you to unlock the tools and guidance within. In therapy with me, you are able to examine yourself and your life in a safe, non-judgmental container. 


Each person is unique and therapy proceeds differently for everyone. Overall common themes that people notice are: 

  • experiencing a feeling of returning to themselves, 

  • a greater sense of self, more ease in the body, 

  • heightened inner knowing, 

  • increased pleasure in life, 

  • inner peace

  • greater clarity in communicating boundaries

  • greater sense of joy and connection in relationships


Therapy can also be hard work and can be challenging before it gets easier, but I am there with you throughout the process.

I offer one on one sessions with adults and with kids, couples counseling, and family therapy. My own life experience as an ex-pat means I am prepared to support people who are experiencing transitions around ex-pat life.  

Sessions are primarily available online via Skype or other online platforms. I am also available for in person sessions and private Yoga Instruction in Amsterdam at this time. 

I provide a free, complimentary 20-minute online consultation to explore if working together would be a good fit. 

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